Rental or installation service of the web conferencing system BigBlueButton which is mainly used as an online class system because participants can share materials and screens with each other.

The virtual conference room (classroom) is equipped with a space, pointers, projectors, etc. that can accommodate (sit) up to about 100 participants. Participants can raise their hands to ask an organizer or a teacher and questions during the meeting (class) and chat with each other. Various options such as recording, memo, and questionnaire functions that are indispensable for the progress of the meeting (class) are also available.

In the case of the installation service, unlike commercial conference systems such as Zoom and Teams, the ownership of the conference system is transferred to the purchaser, so access to the system from anyone other than the parties concerned can be completely blocked.

Web Conference Service (Rental)

It is a time rental service of the conference room (classroom) by BigBlueButton. Lineup from 1-day rental to up to 3 months rental

Web Conference System (Installation)

It is a service that installs a web conferencing system by BigBlueButton on the cloud or your own PC. It can be customized and used because it is a service to purchase the entire system.

Update & Maintenance

It is a system maintenance update service of the above installation service.

Introducing a web conferencing and remote learning system with BigBlueButton

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