A service that builds an IP phone network using a SIP Server. Unlike services such as Line and Skype, it is a dedicated network that is not interfered with from the outside. Exchange calls, chats, file transmissions, etc. between registered members. Since members are connected via the SIP server, it can be used anywhere as long as the Internet can be connected.

You can use it by installing the dedicated SIP call application on your mobile device or PC, or by registering a SIP account from the phone settings menu on your mobile device.

SIP Server (Rental)

SIP IP phone system time rental service. Lineup from 1-month rental to up to 3-month rental

SIP Server (Installation)

This service installs the SIP IP phone system in the cloud or on your PC. It can be customized and used because it is a service to purchase the entire system.

Update & Maintenance

It is a system maintenance update service of the above installation service.

Build IP Phone Network System by SIP server

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