This is a connection service to the router (VPN Server) allocated in major overseas cities (London, Paris, major cities in the United States, Tokyo, etc.).

Connect to your router (VPN) using the free WireGuard app (for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux). You will be able to access various services (mainly media distribution) whose access from overseas is restricted. VPN is used not only for browsing restricted content, but also for remote work and remote access to home PCs because it enables a secure internet connection.

VPN Server (Rental)
It is a time rental service for routers allocated overseas. Lineup from 1-day rental to up to 3 months rental.

VPN Server (Installation)
A service that installs a router system in the cloud or on your own PC. It can be customized and used for the service of purchasing the entire system of the router.

Update & Maintenance
It is a system maintenance update service of the above installation service.

Access to the overseas internet service without cencership and restriction

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