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VPN Server (Install)
  • VPN Server (Install)
  • VPN Server (Install)

VPN Server (Install)


It is an installation service of VPN server (OS: Linux such as Ubuntu) using WireGuard.

It is necessary to register a cloud service such as Amazon AWS, Google GCP, and Microsoft AZURE etc, and to select a computer machine, or to prepare a dedicated PC in your company or home  in advance.

Note) Monthly cloud service usage fee (depending on the contracted cloud service and the computing machine selected within that service. Example: AWS is selected for the cloud service and Lightsail is selected for the computing machine. : $ 3.5 ~) will be charged. If you install it on your company's or home PC, this cost will not be charged.

Number of Clients (default): 5 (can be increased by 50)

Number of Clients: 5

The system will be installed on the machine selected from the above services, but in principle you should manage the system after installation.

According to your budget and usage, we will follow you up that you should select which one of the cloud service such as Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Microsoft AZURE and which one of the computing machine in it.

After you contracted with the one of the services, we will advice you how to access to your cloud machine to operate remotely from you and us by SSH connection (password authentication setting). Also help you how to get a domain which is required to access to your VPN server.

We access to the selected machine remotely to proceed with the system installation and settings. After finished this process, restore the SSH settings (change the password or return the settings to the previous), and check the system runs precisely.

Since multiple local IPs can be assigned, it is a specification that can be used regardless of the location up to the set number of clients. The default number of clients defined 10, but you can optionally add more.

If necessary, we have prepared a system maintenance/upgrade service, so please use it.

The Guideline for Computing Machine

A guideline for computing machines
The guideline for computing to be selected is as follows.

  • Memory:512 MB
  • CPU:1 Core
  • Storage:10 GB 

About VPN

An acronym for Virtual Private Network, it is a unique local network that starts from an external router. The mechanism is the same as a home LAN, only the difference is whether the router is installed inside or outside the home. A unique local network (LAN) is built by a router installed in the home, and it connects to the Internet via this router.

The location or region (country) of the access source is specified from the global IP assigned to the router. If this router can be installed overseas, it will be assigned a global IP for that country, so VPN-connected users will be considered to be staying there and using the Internet, and will have access to that country-specific net service (eg, media stream). You will be able to do it.


VPN is an indispensable technology for building a unique network required for remote work and remote operation.
The main differences from other VPN services are as follows.

Comparison with other VPN Sevices *1) Optional *2) Dedicated System
Install VPN Server Other VPN Services
Hardware Cloud or Own Cloud
System Owner -
Customize -
Clients *1) Max 50 1
Speed&Stability *2) ◎

Install WireGuard (For Clients)

The VPN server creates the WireGuard configuration file (QR code) for clients. Clients should install WireGuard from the app store in advance and prepare to load this setting file (QR code).

Download WireGuard


 Download Windows Installer


 Download from App Store


$ sudo apt install wireguard


 Download from Play Store


 Download from App Store


# apt install wireguard

Users with Debian releases older than Bullseye should enable backports.

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