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WEB Conference Service


This is the rental service of the web conferencing system using BigBlueButton. It is mainly used in online classes. The default is to use a free domain, but you can optionally change to a domain you already have.

Rental Length: 24 Hours
Domain Name: Free Domain

We supply the dedicated Conference System built on a cloud computing machine for Rental use. Compared to other commercial services, it does not share resources with third parties, so it has the advantage of ensuring stable communication quality and security. This service includes maintenance and troubleshooting costs such as account registration / change of the conference organizer and system update.

About BigBlueButton

It is an open source online learning system that is established by sharing each participant's voice, video, text message, etc. on the browser. Since it is a conference system that allows users to share text files and video materials and make video calls, it can also be used for business purposes. It has features that are not inferior to commercial conferencing systems such as Zoom and Teams. The differences from the commercial conference system are as follows.

Comparison with commercial services *1) Depend on Participants *2) Dedicated System
BigBlueButton Commersial Services
Participants about 100 A few (Free Plan)
Time Unlimited 40-50 minutes (Free Plan)
Sessions *1) Multiple 1 (Free Plan)
White Board
File Sharing
Share App display
Security *2) ◎ -

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