Updated Online Store
We have started to provide various services using the cloud computing. You can build and use advanced systems to improve productivity at low cost by utilizing resources from the cloud computer without updating your own computer resources.

2 years ago

We provide the following three services.

Online Store VPN Service

VPN Service

Connect to your router (VPN) using the free WireGuard app (for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux). You will be able to access various services (mainly media distribution) whose access from overseas is restricted. VPN is used not only for browsing restricted content, but also for remote work and remote access to home PCs because it enables a secure internet connection.

IP Phone System

A service that builds an IP phone network using a SIP Server. Unlike services such as Line and Skype, it is a dedicated network that is not interfered with from the outside. Exchange calls, chats, file transmissions, etc. between registered members. Since members are connected via the SIP server, it can be used anywhere as long as the Internet can be connected.

You can use it by installing the dedicated SIP call application on your mobile device or PC, or by registering a SIP account from the phone settings menu on your mobile device.

WEB Conference System

The virtual conference room (classroom) is equipped with a space, pointers, projectors, etc. that can accommodate (sit) up to about 100 participants. Participants can raise their hands to ask an organizer or a teacher and questions during the meeting (class) and chat with each other. Various options such as recording, memo, and questionnaire functions that are indispensable for the progress of the meeting (class) are also available.

In the case of the installation service, unlike commercial conference systems such as Zoom and Teams, the ownership of the conference system is transferred to the purchaser, so access to the system from anyone other than the parties concerned can be completely blocked.