We adopt Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi as the gateway that serves as the hub of home automation. We install the following open-source software to build the system.

You can control the VLC or Linphone not only on the WEB interface, but also IR Remote Controller. Add support for internet radio services like Radiko, and control the device via the Home Assistant frontend or infrared remote control.

Home Gateway

The Home Automation System

Home Assistant

Home Assistant (HASS) is adopted as a home automation system to be installed on the gateway. It allows for the management of the entire system through a web frontend. As it is web-based, it is not dependent on the device's operating system, and status confirmation and operation of the devices can be done from the web browser of various OSes such as MAC, Windows, iPhone, and Android.


Access Point and DHCP Server

Router Function

The setup of WiFi connection between the gateway and a commercial router can be easily done through a web browser on a PC or mobile device. Even if there is no commercial router, the gateway can be used within the LAN environment with limited functionality as a router. This allows the use of the home automation system.


SIP VoIP Phone


Linphone installed on the gateway has the functionality of an IP fixed telephone. You can make calls to an external mobile phone with the Linphone service installed, or receive calls from a mobile phone. This is a free service for call and registration fees. You can incorporate Linphone's actions and functionality into the rules of home automation, and coordinate operations with other devices (such as alarm clocks, and notifications in case of abnormal events). You can control it using an IR remote control, PC, or mobile device.


Streaming Player

VLC Media Player

You can use net radio services with pre-registered channels, including Radiko, to listen to music, news, and more from around the world. Volume adjustment and channel selection, like Linphone operation, can be done from the web frontend on your PC or mobile device or via an IR remote control.

Net Radio