2016-12-10 04:30 PM

Its so convenient to decode or encode the QR code like URL, Mail Address and so on, on Desktop PC. QtQR decodes these QR codes into text words, or encodes texts words into QR code images.

I need this for transaction of bitcoin to show this address on QR code. it transferes URL, Mail Address, SMS, Phone number, and so on into QR code. And these read QR codes work on adopted softwares.   

Install QtQR

Execute the following command in terminal

$ sudo apt-get install qtqr

For instance, in case of reading the QR code on displayed on Mobile, select "the decode from web camera" from dropdown memu at the window below.


DIsplayed the QR code area with green colored squared line, finished decoding, close the window of web camera.


Prefer to select edit button than OK. because to save the decoded data.


To save the QR code, select "save QR code" button.


Enable to decode other formats like URL, E-Mail, SMS and so on to QR code.


A bug detected refer to drag&drop an image file to decode QR code.

$ sudo gedit /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/qrtools.py

scroll to line 181 and replace 'tostring()' by 'tobytes()'.